Our association promotes the internationalization of Seoul National University for the benefit of all students, staff, researchers and faculty, foreign and Korean alike.

Service & Advocacy

We promote dialogue and intellectual exchange while advocating for foreign faculty and carrying out service projects on and off campus in Seoul and throughout Korea.


Membership is open to all faculty and postdoctoral researchers at SNU, foreign or Korean,  tenure-rack or non-tenure-track. There are no dues for membership.


In 2016, professors from across SNU met to form a faculty association for promoting internationalization (국제화 ). Despite being long considered the flagship academic institution in Korea, there was as yet no such organization. Our idea was to bring together foreign and Korean members into the 국제교수회 to work as partners in both service and advocacy. Since then, our group has become a warm and welcoming place for foreign and Korean faculty members to solidify friendships, spend time together and exchange vital information.

We've offered regular workshops for students interested in pursuing graduate studies overseas. For the SNU presidential elections in the spring and fall of 2018, we organized public forums for the candidates.  We've reached out to many groups on and off campus interested in partnering with us both to foster intellectual exchange and develop community service projects.

All this has been made possible by the tremendous support we've received from across SNU. We're thankful to friends in the departments, units, colleges, and faculties who have helped us, notably the Office of International Affairs (OIA) 국제협력본부, the Diversity Council (다양성위원회) and the Faculty Council (교수협의회).

Join us!

To join or renew as an active member, contact us at:

(To partner with us for events on or off campus at SNU write at the above email)